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School Council

School Council

Our School Council has representatives from every year group. Children in each class vote for their representatives twice a year. School Council meets with Mr Watkins, the Deputy Head, every two weeks to discuss how well things are going in school and what we might improve. School Council are consulted on a variety of issues, from naming the school guinea pigs to choosing new playground equipment!

School Council representatives are responsible for talking to the class, before a meeting, and bringing their classes’ views to the Council. Minutes of each meeting are taken by Y4 and given to the class representatives to feed back to their class.

Members of School Council change after February half term. Reception children join School Council after half term.

           ‘I like being in School Council because I want to help the school’

             ‘I’m proud that my class chose me to be on School Council

This year, a polling station was set up at school for the day, and children were given the chance to vote for their class School Council representatives, as you can see from the pictures below:


Well done to Amelia, Charlie, Logan, Lauren, Lexi, Louie, Cameron, Rebecca, Ben, Sophie, Marin, Alfy, Atlanta, Lewis, Mathis and Rosie; who are all school councillors for the first half of the year!


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