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Head for the Day!

A few lucky Sidemoor children got to find out recently what it is like to be a head teacher. After weeks of speeches and campaigning, children voted for their chosen candidate on Thursday 8th June, to coincide with the General Election.  Then Dylan, the winning Candidate, got to be head teacher for the whole day. To help him, he had Lily, Milly and Mathis, who were the other shortlisted candidates. Amongst their duties were taking part in learning walks, introducing the assembly, monitoring play times and feeding back to teachers in the staff meeting. As part of his manifesto promises, Dylan will also be organising a picnic in the park for all children in a few weeks’ time. We are looking forward to it, Dylan!        


DSCN2917 Small

The Shortlisted Candidates.


DSCN3414 Small

Chidren made rosettes and campaign posters in preparation for the big vote!


DSCN3416 Small

The candidates had to address the whole school on their manifesto. 


DSCN3432 Small

The Head and his team in the Headteacher's office!


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