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School Staff

Sidemoor is a welcoming, friendly school where staff, children, parents and governors work together, enabling everyone to do their best. We are always pleased to talk to parents and visitors about the life and work of the school. Please phone the office if you would like to visit.

We have a talented and hardworking staff team who are committed to helping the children feel safe and happy, ensuring that they enjoy learning and achieve their best.

Mrs Jones h280c

Mrs Jones

Office Staff
Mrs Dixon

Mrs Davies

Mrs Bourne








IMG 5308 copy
Deputy Headteacher
 Mr Watkins

Miss Hewitt


Mrs Rowley


 IMG 5310 copy

Nursery Teacher

Miss Hancock 



Mrs Barker  

Early Years Coordinator/

Reception Teacher

Mrs Lacey

Mrs Woodward 
Reception Teacher
Mrs Woodward


Reception Teacher
Mrs Robins

Mrs Jacobs/Mrs.Ashton 001

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Jacobs/Mrs.Ashton

Mrs Ahmed-Khan 300 

Year 1 Teacher


Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Overton



Miss IncE 300

Year 1 Teacher

 Mrs Smith

Mrs Ashton 300 

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Ashton

Miss Woods

Year 2 Teacher 

Mrs Jacobs

Mrs Beasley 

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Beasley

Miss Shorland

KS1 Coordinator/

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Breakwell

Miss Stanton

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Stanton


Year 3 Teacher

Miss Adams

IMG 5309 copy

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Quinn

Miss Pritchard  

Key Stage 2 Coordinator/ Year 4 Teacher

Miss Pritchard


Mrs Revans

Reading Recovery Teacher 

Mrs Revans








Teaching Assistants

Mrs Smith h280c

Mrs Smith

Miss Danks h280c

Miss Danks

Miss Hodgetts h280c

Miss Hodgetts

Mrs White h280c

Mrs White

Mrs Bache 001 

Mrs Bache 

Mrs Hill h280c

Mrs Hill

Miss Waldron h280c

Miss Waldron

Miss Harris h280c

Miss Harris

Mrs Maddocks h280c

Mrs Maddocks

Miss Salsano h280c

Miss Salsano

Miss Hall h280c

Miss Hall

Miss McBride

IMG 5307 copy 

Mrs Beresford 


mrs Loveridge

Mrs Loveridge


Mrs Lloyd

Mrs Hewitt h280cMrs Hewitt

Ms Harrison copy 

Mrs Kilgallon

Mrs Gould h280c

Mrs Gould

Mrs Shaw h280c

Mrs Shaw

Mrs Butt h280c

Mrs Butt





 Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L Wood, Miss C Troth, Miss J Troth, Mrs K Hewitt, Miss B Stanton, Miss J Turner, Miss M Turner, Miss E Nokes, Mrs A Rahman,  Mrs H Loveridge.


The school works in partnership with BAM Facilities Management. Their staff are responsible for providing the hot meal service and all the other building facilities including caretaking, cleaning, building maintenance and grounds maintenance.

Caretakers: Mr J Harvey
Catering Manager: Miss D Clissett


 arts council artsmarkall active academy leading aspect logo  SG L1 3 mark 2016 gold silver sainsburys school games awardsainsburys school games bronze awardCLOtC logo bronze med res

eco schools Activemark-2008healthy schools awardPSQM Silver 2017  bromsgrove learning network


Sidemoor First School, Perryfields Road, Bromsgrove, B61 8QN
Tel: 01527 872271, e mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.